Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cryptic Chess Puzzles - An ALCHEssMIST View

ALCHEssMIST's mind is particularly prone to noticing associations (especially visual) between apparently unrelated topics. These thoughts, however, do have some logic unlike a certain famous chess metaphor.

Hint: - the psychologist who first described this chess metaphor had been in correspondence several years earlier with the celebrated author Enid Blyton who had written about her childhood experience of having stories flood into her mind at night:
"all mixed-up, rather like dreams are, but yet each story had its own definite thread—its beginning and middle and ending."
"I thought all children had the same 'night stories' and was amazed when one day I found they hadn't."
The term 'Cryptic Chess Puzzles' is a homage to Cryptic Crossword Puzzles.

I will start this thread of posts with a question which alludes to the merits of a university education -

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