Sunday, 16 August 2009

Can Tom Baker (The 4th Dr Who) Play Chess?

Tom Baker @ Book Signing:
[Who on Earth is Tom Baker? (ISBN 0-00-638854-X)]

I have just posted on 'ALCHEssMIST Chess' (here) the scene from Doctor Who where K9 plays chess against The Doctor (Tom Baker). Surprisingly, The Doctor makes an illegal move 1. Qd2-d4, as the white queen is pinned against the white king by K9's (black) queen on c2. The only legal move for the white queen is 1. Qxc2. See chess position below with white to move.

This simple error in chess rules is surprising. I suspect that Tom simply did as was suggested by the director. Then again, maybe the error was deliberate so as to provoke a response by the "anorak community". I was going to say "geek community", but the modern use of the term "geek" had not been invented 32 years ago (1977).

So Tom Baker can you play chess?

General Doctor Who fans, "The Sisterhood", chess anoraks, miscellaneous geeks and pedants would like to know the answer. A voice over answer on a future episode of Little Britain or further guest appearance on the quiz show Have I Got News For You would be ideal.

Image Credit - crop of image by Phil Guest on Flickr (cc).

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