Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chess Art - Outdoor Bronze Chess Sculpture by Lloyd Lillie - John Marshall Park Washington DC

The Chess Players by Lloyd Lillie
[Photo by kimberlyfaye, Creative Commons]

The sculpture shows 2 seated male figures playing a game of chess on a granite bench ledge. The artist is Lloyd Lillie who modelled the older figure on the sculptor's father and the younger figure on the sculptor's son.

Location of sculpture:
  • John Marshall Park, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC
  • Just North of Pennsylvania Ave. at 4th St NW
  • Between Canadian Embassy & US Court House
The park was dedicated in honor of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court from 1801-1835. He was also a great admirer, and biographer, of George Washington. Marshall was at one time a resident at this park's location. The park has a bronze sculpture of Marshall dressed in long judicial robes and seated in an arm chair.

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Chess Position From Sculpture
[r3kb1r/p1pp1ppp/q4n2/7Q/1p1NPP2/1B6/PPP3PP/1NB2K1R w kq - 0 1]

Further images of the sculpture are available here.