Friday, 13 March 2009

Terra Firma Chess - Street Chess In York, England

Street Chess (York, England, UK)
[Photo by Indigo Goat on Flickr]

Street Chess (York, England, UK)
[Photo by Indigo Goat on Flickr]

Some interesting street chess photos from York (UK) by Indigo Goat.

York is a walled city from North Yorkshire, England (UK). It has been in existence for approximately 2,000 years, though only became known as York around 1,000 years ago. Richard II had planned to make York the capital of England, but was deposed before he could fulfill his wish. The city contains the fabulous gothic cathedral, York Minster (see aerial photo) which is the second largest in Northern Europe.

Aerial view of York showing York Minster:
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Celebrity Chess - Ray Charles Beat Heroin Addiction With Chess

Ray Charles (1930 - 2004) (California, 1966)
By Bill Ray (Life Magazine)

Ray Charles, the soul, blues and gospel music legend, learned chess in 1965 whilst recovering from heroin addiction. The movie Ray (2004), directed by Taylor Hackford, has a hospital scene showing Ray Charles (played by Jamie Foxx) playing chess with his doctor. Ray learned and played chess without the aid of sight, as he began to lose his vision at the age of 6 years, being totally blind by the age of 7 years.

Ray's chess board was designed with the dark squares being slightly elevated, and the tops of the dark pieces having sharper edges compared with the white pieces. Each of the board's squares had a hole to fit the pieces into - much like a travel set (see photo above).

A game between Ray Charles vrs Larry Melvyn Evans in 2002 is available on here.

One of Ray Charles' frequent chess playing partners was Willie Nelson - Willie recounts an interesting chess anecdote at Ray's funeral ... here.