Sunday, 25 January 2009

Political Chess - Obama's Chess Presidency - Strategy Over Tactics

Barack Obama - Flickr Creative Commons licence.

The new US Obama Presidency appears set to be very much more strategic than the previous more tactical Bush Presidency. The effect on the local and world political landscape is likely to be profound.

I have previously posted (here) about a cartoon showing Barack Obama (playing Chess) vrs Hillary Clinton (playing Checkers). The best US political chess related content, however,
comes from Susan Polgar's Chess Blog with specific Barack Obama posts here.

Political journalists (and chess journalists) are also picking up on the chess metaphor for the Obama Presidency (below are just some examples):

Pelosi draws her lines with Obama
Allies of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi call her a grand master at “three-level chess” — a skilled politician who games out her complex relationships with the White House, the Senate and her own fractious, heterodox House Democratic Caucus.
Chess: Michelle has Barack on a string
Obama Cabinet Chess
Obama's chess master talks strategy
Obama Makes Next Move in Economic Chess Game
Chess as the Pivotal Issue in American Politics (article by Jonathan Rowson)
Lynch mob lies (article by Garry Kasparov)
Barack Obama wins U.S. Presidency!
(article by Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum)

Inauguration: Obama's Inaugural Speech: Parts 1 - 5:

Inauguration: Barack Obama Sworn in As 44th President:

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