Friday, 27 November 2009

Obama Wins World Chess Championship (Chess Satire)

A satirical look at Barack Obama's recent Nobel Peace Prize - HERE.
"The World Chess Federation today announced that Barack Obama had become the world chess champion, nudging aside former undisputed champion Viswanathan Anand of India.

The news surprised some in the chess world, because Obama has never participated in tournament play. But FIDE officials said they felt certain Obama could become world champion if he ever decided to try.

Others were less surprised. Hungarian grandmaster Judit Polgar noted the world championship is just the latest in a string of triumphs for the American president. She cited his receipt two years ago of the Nobel Peace Prize. That award — for which Obama was nominated just a few weeks into his presidency, and a mere five years after he held the title of state senator in Illinois — was only the first in a series of accolades to come his way."

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A true Renaissance Man!

On a more serious note - I do truly hope that Barack Obama can live up to the ideals that underlie this award.


Robert Lynn Green said...

Pres. Obama did not seek the award, but I believe he handled the situation quite well. I, for one, and glad to have a president the world respects rather than one the world laugh at.

While world opinion is not something we should seek at all costs, it does help to have friends with us to deal with the complex problems we as a world face.

We cannot just try cowboy through our problems alone. (And the last guy who tried it was afraid of horses as much as he feared personal responsibility.)

ALCHEssMIST said...

Thanks for your comment Robert.

I agree President Obama has handled the situation quite well.