Wednesday, 3 June 2009

News Watch - Passing Exams Could Be Child's Play For Boys

Chess in the Park (New York City)
[Flickr Creative Commons, photo by dlkinney]

Poor performance amongst boys at school is a real problem. This article, from The Independent newspaper (3rd June 2009), reports recent research that encouraging boys to be involved with games and sports has a positive impact on their academic performance. Chess was one of the activities shown to have been beneficial.
Study claims schoolchildren who play sport are more likely to succeed in the classroom.
By Richard Garner, Education Editor

Leading academics and policymakers have pondered long and hard about the problem of how to overcome the poor performance of boys at school.

Now it seems, according to new research published today, the answer may be quite simple – just get them to play more games and the exam passes could take care of themselves.

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