Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chess Art - Outdoor Bronze Chess Sculpture by Lloyd Lillie - John Marshall Park Washington DC

The Chess Players by Lloyd Lillie
[Photo by kimberlyfaye, Creative Commons]

The sculpture shows 2 seated male figures playing a game of chess on a granite bench ledge. The artist is Lloyd Lillie who modelled the older figure on the sculptor's father and the younger figure on the sculptor's son.

Location of sculpture:
  • John Marshall Park, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC
  • Just North of Pennsylvania Ave. at 4th St NW
  • Between Canadian Embassy & US Court House
The park was dedicated in honor of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court from 1801-1835. He was also a great admirer, and biographer, of George Washington. Marshall was at one time a resident at this park's location. The park has a bronze sculpture of Marshall dressed in long judicial robes and seated in an arm chair.

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Chess Position From Sculpture
[r3kb1r/p1pp1ppp/q4n2/7Q/1p1NPP2/1B6/PPP3PP/1NB2K1R w kq - 0 1]

Further images of the sculpture are available here.


Tom Chivers said...

What a shame the position is improbable, and for more than one reason...

ALCHEssMIST said...

I agree. It is partly for this very reason that I posted the position. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. White's knight has just chased Black's queen from the c6 to the a6 square, where it now check's White's king. The only choice White has is to block on e2 with the queen.

The artist probably chose this position because it's from one of his games, and it's clear which side has the turn, and why.

Anonymous said...

When I see pictures of the board it appears that the bottom right corner is black. Can anyone confirm? Regulation setup should have that square white.