Monday, 29 June 2009

ALCHEssMIST Celebrates First Birthday 28th June 2009

ALCHEssMIST was conceived on the 28th June 2008 as a hybrid of ALCHEMIST and CHESS. He first appeared on the internet here at At that time alchessmist was a unique word, never before found on the internet. ALCHEssMIST is a portmanteau word - meaning essentially the blend of two or more words.

The ALCHEssMIST Blog was subsequently commenced on the 18th September 2008, with a post entitled - Chess is the Drosophila of artificial intelligence.

In celebration of ALCHEssMIST's birthday a new blog has been started which will simply feature links selected by ALCHEssMIST about chess topics:


Tom Chivers said...

Happy birthday! Yours is one of the only chess blogs I subscribe to, keep it up!

ALCHEssMIST said...

Thanks Tom!

Much appreciated.