Saturday, 4 April 2009

Chess Quote - Cecil Purdy on Pawn Endings & Golf

C.J.S. Purdy
[Chess World, December 1951]

"Pawn endings are to chess as putting is to golf."
-- C.J.S. Purdy

The Australian chessplayer Cecil John Seddon Purdy (1906-1979) was born in Port Said, Egypt. There is some debate about his birth year as discussed in Edward Winter's Chess Notes (here). His family moved to New Zealand, then to Hobart (Tasmania), before finally settling in Sydney (New South Wales) when he was aged 12 years. Whilst in Tasmania, Purdy apparently went to the same school as the future film star Errol Flynn (1909-1959).

Purdy devoted his life to playing and writing about chess. He was the first World Champion in correspondence chess. He was also awarded the International Master title in over-the-board chess, and the Grandmaster title at correspondence chess. He was a very good chess writer and described by Bobby Fischer as being an excellent chess teacher.

Purdy is reported to have died of a heart attack whilst playing chess - his final words were allegedly "I have a win, but it will take some time" (Dunne 1991).

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Hello! Are you going to be covering the upcoming chess tournament in St. Louis?