Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ivory Chess Set Owned By Captain James Cook

Ivory Chess Set Owned By Captain James Cook (1770):
[© National Maritime Museum, London]

This barleycorn ivory chess set belonged to Captain James Cook.

Captain James Cook FRS RN (1728 -1779) was an English explorer & cartographer born in Marton in Yorkshire. Cook was the first to map Newfoundland. He subsequently made voyages to the Pacific Ocean where he discovered the eastern Australia coastline, Hawaiian Islands and circumnavigated New Zealand. Cook died (1779) in Hawaii, in a fight with the islanders, during his third Pacific voyage.

William Bligh was a junior officer who served under Captain James Cook before commanding the HMS Bounty and being subject to a mutiny by his crew.


Ian Stubbs, Assistant Curator said...

This chess set is currenty on display at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Stewart Park, Marton, Middlesbrough

ALCHEssMIST said...

Thanks very much for the information Ian. I hope one day to visit the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum.