Saturday, 7 March 2009

Chess Players - Economists

Below is a list of chess playing Economists:
  • Anderson, Benjamin (American economist, skilled chess player & friend of Capablanca) - Wikipedia
  • Bondarevsky, Igor (Economist by profession, coached Boris Spassky) - Wikipedia
  • Dell, Edmund (UK politician, historian, businessman & author of The Politics of Economic Interdependence 1987) - Obituary
  • Forintos, Gyozo (Hungarian Economist) - Wikipedia
  • Franklin, Benjamin (Polymath, statesman, economist, philosopher, inventor, scientist, musician and avid chess player) - Wikipedia
  • Friedman, Milton (Nobel prize winner, one of the most influential economists of the 20C) - Link
  • Gipslis, Aivars (Graduated from Latvian University as an Economist) - Link & Wikipedia
  • Karpov, Anatoly (degree from Leningrad State University) - ALCHEssMIST Chess Players & Wikipedia
  • Mundell, Robert Alexander (Professor of Economics, Columbia University & Nobel Prize winner 1999, "father of the Euro") - Chessbase Link
  • Novotelnov, Nikolai (Economist, chess journalist, Champion of the RSFSR in 1947) - Link
  • Rogoff, Ken (Professor of Economics, Harvard University) - Homepage
Any other suggestions welcome.

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