Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Chess Metaphor Watch - The Young Victoria (The Film)

The Young Victoria (2009)
Director: Jean-Marc Vallee

The game of chess is commonly used metaphorically to describe almost every aspect of life. In the political arena, chess metaphors are used quite regularly. Even ALCHEssMIST has jumped on the bandwagon recently with a posting about Barack Obama ... here.

The recently released film - The Young Victoria - is a dramatisation of the initial turbulent years of the young Queen Victoria's rule. The film particularly focusses on her romance with Prince Albert and how this appears to bring out the best in the young monarch. One scene in the film shows Queen Victoria and Prince Albert playing a game of chess. The conversation includes the question:
"Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself, in a game played against your will?"
How unfortunate that the chess metaphor needs to be explicitly explained to the audience.

Here is the chess scene from the film (youtube).

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