Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Power Of The Internet - ALCHEssMIST - A Drop In The Ocean

The power of the internet amazes me.

In June 2008 I set up an account on to access some of the excellent member content there. The name chosen was ALCHEssMIST - a hybrid of ALCHEMIST and chess. At the time there were no examples of alchessmist to be found on the internet using any of the popular search engines, i.e alchessmist was a new word.

In September 2008 I set up a small niche blog focussing on chess, games and cognition. My first blog posting (18th September 2008) was "Chess is the Drosophila of artificial intelligence.". Since then, there have been 96 short postings on chess and cognition related issues.

A google search of alchessmist today suggests that there are about 17,900,000 web pages containing the term "alchessmist" (see snapshot above).

The power of the internet amazes me.

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