Thursday, 4 December 2008

Mnemonic Chess - Blindfold Chess by Staffan A. Svensson

This link is an interesting article written by Swede Staffan A. Svensson. He discusses the general concepts involved with using mnemonics and then suggests how these may be applied to playing blindfold chess. He does, however, make the point that "I am unfortunately not a good enough chess player to test these ideas in practise so their utility is so far not much more than a guess."

The research literature on chess playing and intellect is quite extensive. It is now well accepted that training and practice are very important in developing chess expertise. There is also some degree of innate aptitude for chess playing, that appears to be independent of IQ. It is easy to accept this fact when you consider that Kim Peek (basis for savant character in the film Rain Man), despite a phenomenal memory, scores well below average on general IQ tests (wikipedia).

So returning back to the author, Staffan A. Svensson, it is intriguing that he should feel that he is "not a good enough chess player" to test the ideas he discusses. Svenssen's considerable intellect is without doubt when you learn that he is a member (source) of Sigma Society V (IQ>180), Prometheus (IQ>164), Ultranet (IQ>164) and Mensa (IQ>132), excellent scores on several tests and the highest score on the LS-36. Humility is a great virtue.

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