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Dr Neil Charness - Early Practice Builds Chess Expertise Across the Life-Span

Dr Neil Charness:

Dr. Neil Charness is a professor of psychology at Florida State University. He has contributed much to our understanding of expert performance over our life-span, particularly amongst master chess players. He discusses his accumulated understanding of chess and "Life-span Development of Expertise" in this NIH sponsored Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Lecture delivered on the 24th October 2008.
NIH Record 28 Nov 2008
Early Practice Builds Chess Expertise Across the Life-Span

If you are well into middle age, you might want to cross off “work at becoming a chess champion” from your list of goals for retirement. That is, unless you have been studying and competing in tournaments since you were a child. And even then, your winning ways will start to decline at around age 43. Even world chess champion Garry Kasparov knew to call it quits at age 42.

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The 90 minute lecture by Dr Neil Charness, is available below:

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