Sunday, 21 December 2008

Derren Brown Being Interviewed By Richard Dawkins For 'The Enemies Of Reason' TV Program

I have previously posted chess related stories about Richard Dawkins (here) and Derren Brown (here). This is a recent interview between Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown, from the UK Channel 4 TV program "The Enemies of Reason." The discussion is focussed around the falsity of psychics, the techniques of charlatans and Brown's journey to becoming a non-believer. 'The Enemies of Reason: The Uncut Interviews' on DVD can be purchased here:

Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown (1/6)

Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown (2/6)

Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown (3/6)

Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown (4/6)

Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown (5/6)

Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown (6/6)

Video Concept List:
5 minutes later, Abducted by aliens, Academic pseuds corner, Acceptance of alternative medicine, Accident, Accident involving water, Accuracy, Actors, Addicted to a charlatan, Albert, Alien, All truth is equal, Anecdotal, Apply to anybody, Astrologer, Astrologists, Audience, Bad day, Barnum effect, Barnum statements, Being able to make better decisions, Being too inquisitive, Being too skeptical, Believers, Bemused, Bewildered, Bete noire, Better decisions, Bible, Bible isn't a historical account, Bible reading, Blocking the energy, Bogus psychic, Both sides of the coin, Box of old photographs in a cupboard, Bulldozing over any response, Brilliant mathematicians, Brilliant physicists, Bus is going the wrong way, Button loose, Car, Caring person, Carl Sagan, Cats, Channel spirits, Charlatans, Character, Charismatic, Chef, Childhood indoctrination, Christian, Christian peergroup, Christians, Church service, Close friends, Client, Coat, Coincidence, Cold reader, Cold reading, Colour around the pub, Comfort and consolation from being deceived, Comforts people, Commonest letter in the alphabet, Conjurers, Conjuring tricks, Constantly supply proof, Creative pursuit, Crystals, Cultural relativism, culture where everything is as valid as everything else, Curiosity, Dead person, Dead relatives, Deception, Defend my non-belief, Deluded, Demonic, Demons, Denial, Derren Brown, Do you eat?, Do you have parties?, Do you sleep?, Dog, Don't block the energy, Doris Stokes, Dreams, Drowned, Drowning, Ear piece, Easy answers, Ego, Ego need, Ego thing, Elderly relative, Enlightenment, Evidence is important, Exact fit, Expert in question, Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proofs, Extravert side, Facade, Facts, Fakes, Fakes & Charlatans, False memories, Father, Fear issue with anything misunderstood, Feedback, Fermat's last theorem, Folie a deux, Forensic body reading, Fork off, Fortune & fate, Fringe belief, Gauging the zeitgeist, General knowledge, Ghost, Ghost story, Goldbach's conjecture, Good for ratings, Grandfather, Graphologist, Gullability, Hallway, Haunted places, Henrietta, Henrietta's cold, Hit, Hits, Hold court, Horoscope, Hot reading, Hypnosis, Hypocrisy of the worst kind, Hypocrite, Ignorant, Illogicality, Illusion, Illusionist, Importance of evidence, Incredibly banal, Industry, Information, Infrared photography, Instructor, Intended from the start, Interaction going on, Introvert side, Intuiting, Intuition, Intuition is the be-all and end-all of truth, Intuitive, James Randi, Jewellery, John, Justification, Keep talking, Knot you up, Less scrutiny, Licence to fail, Lies, Life and soul of the party, Linguistic tricks, Link between personality and the future, Live on your own or with other people, Lost a child, Lost somebody dear to you, Lying, Magic, Magic illusion, Magician, Make no promises, Meaning to words, Media savy, Medium, Medium show, Mediums, Michael Shermer, Mind numbingly banal, Misses, Mist, MMR vaccine, Modern day spiritualist, More money, Murder, My culture, My truth is the same as your truth, My values, Naive, Narrow-minded, Never any real advice involved, New age industry, New age model, Nineteenth Century, No, No promises, Not, Not an exact science, Not playing the game, Open-minded, P.T. Barnum, Pair of cuff links, Palm reader, Palm reading, Palmist, Pandering to ratings, Papers, Paradox, Paranormal industries, Party, Pause too much, Personality reading, Picture, Placebo effect, Play the game, Poison, Poison soup, Policeman, Policeman's event, Popular knowledge, Pretend to guess, Pretending to be psychic, Psychic, Psychic industry, Psychic performers, Psychic phenomenon, Psychic readings, Psychic training college, Psychics, Psychological mentalism, Psychology at work, Pub owner, Pursuit of easy answers, Pushing statements, Quite a temper, Radio, Rational discussion, Rationalising, Reading, Red jewel, Red jumper, Reiterate, Relationship, Richard Dawkins, Running back through conversations in your head, Saving grace, Say what you feel, Scar on your left knee, Scare mongering, Scientific model, Scientific questions, Seances with mediums, Second rate stage hypnotists, Self delusion, Sense of this, Sensing your on a bus, Sensitivity, Set of linguistic tricks, Sewing, Shattered illusions, Showbiz, Showbiz stock, Show business, Showmanship, Sitter, Skepticism, Snowing, Something for everyone, Specific details, Spirit vibrations, Spirit world, Spirits, Spirits aren't coming through, Spirits have left you, Spiritualist, Spiritualist church, Spooky atmosphere, Stack everything on your side, Stage magician, Stage medium, Statements which apply to everyone, Stunning series of misses, Supply the information, Supplying proof, Suspicion of science, Tables rise in the air, Tamborines bash around in the dark, Tapping into something enormous in people, Tarot cards, Tarot reading, Teacher, Teachers, Tell him I miss him, Telling point, Test, Testing things, The dog misses him, The moment you say its real, Theology texts, Think my way out of it, Throw out some words, Total miss, Training course, Trample over your memories, Trickle down effect, Tricks, Trickster, Tuesday, TV, TV documentary, TV mediums, TV psychics, Unimaginative, Unmasked, Unmasked a psychic, Ushered in demons, Very accurate, Violated, Visualise, Vivid colourful pictures, Vivid images, Watch, We have something for everyone, We must be good to each other, Western, What's God like?, What's it like being dead?, Win win situation, Words, Working with the information you've got, You give me the meaning, Young christian, Your fate changes from minute to minute, Zeitgeist

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