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Chess Quote - "... life's too short for chess."

"... life's too short for chess."

Henry James Byron
Our Boys, 1875

This quote comes from a 3 act comedic play entitled Our Boys by English dramatist Henry James Byron (first performed in London, January 1875). The quote is often misattributed to Lord Byron. The excellent Chess Notes website by Edward Winter, as usual, clarifies the historical facts with an image of the important page from the play (article 5304). The context relevant passage of the play is documented below:
CLARISSA has entered, spoken briefly aside to SIR GEOFFREY and is now down beside TALBOT.

CLAR. Talbot, it is so delightful to have you back again. I shall now have such charming evenings with you at chess.

TAL. At what?

CLAR. Chess ----the king of games.

TAL. Do you call it a game? Ha ! Ha ! No, thankee; life's too short for chess.

CLAR. Well, well, we'll say backgammon.

TAL. I don't mind saying backgammon, but you don't catch me playing backgammon.
Winter also, in the same article (5304), reports the interesting fact that Henry James Byron "... invented the pantomime characters of Buttons and Widow Twankay ..."

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