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Musical Chess - Bob Dylan Interviewed By Bono (U2) 1984

Bob Dylan, Real Live Album (1984):

Bob Dylan was interviewed by Bono Vox (U2) at Slane Castle, near Dublin (8 July 1984)
Printed in "Hot Press" Volume 8, Number 16, Friday August 24, 1984. ; transcribed in "Talking Bob Dylan 1984" by Gavin Diddle (reference).
During the interview the discussion turns to chess. Here is the excerpt from the interview regarding the chess conversation. [the full interview is found at this link]

Bono: Chess, do you play chess?

Dylan: Yeah, I play chess. Are you a chess player?

Bono: I am a chess player.

Dylan: I'm not that good actually.

Bono: I'll challenge you to a game of chess.

Dylan: I don't have it right now actually, I just don't have one on me, but the next time you see me!

Bono: Oh, you can get these little ones you know, that you can carry around.

Dylan: Yeah, I take them on tour all the time, but nobody in the band will play me.

Bono: Really?

Dylan: Yeah, they say it's an ego trip. They say I want to win, I don't want to win, I just like to play.

Bono: When you put out a record that causes trouble - is it part of an overall plan, or do you just do it?

Dylan: No, I don't ever put out a record to cause trouble - if it causes trouble, it causes trouble, that's apart from me. If it causes trouble, that's other people's problem. It's not my problem. I'm just not going to put out a record that I just feel - you know, if I feel like I'm inspired to make a statement, I'll make that statement. But what happens after I do it, I don't care about that.

Bono: What's your opening game?

Dylan: My opening game, you mean king's pawn up two - and all that? I don't know.

Bono: You just takes it as it comes.

Dylan: Yeah. I don't really play that seriously.

Bono: Well, I thought I did until I played Adam's brother Sebastian - he was only about 13 years old and he beat me!

Dylan: Somebody may have a chess game here.

Bono: I'd love to play.

searching for a chess board ... enter Van Morrison

Many sites list Bono and Bob Dylan as chess players, but it is still nice to see it confirmed in a real conversation.

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