Sunday, 2 November 2008

Arimaa, the Game of Real Intelligence?


Deep strategy game with simple rules:

* Playable with a standard chess set.
* Difficult for computers.
* Easy to learn.
* Variable opening position
* 1 move = 4 steps
* Push move
* Pull move
* Capture
* Immobilization
* Goal

Hard for computers?

* On average there are over 17,000 possible moves compared to about 30 for chess; this significantly limits how deep computers can think, but does not seem to effect humans.
* Opening books are useless - starting position is not fixed.
* End game databases are not helpful - game can end with all pieces still on the board.
* Research papers on Arimaa suggest it is more of a strategic & positional game with less emphasis on tactics.

Sources of computer ineptitude when playing Arimaa:
* Large branching factor
* Multi-step moves
* Variable opening position
* Finals with many pieces left
* Positional (arimaa) vs Materialistic (chess) evaluation.

See Arimaa site
"The creation of Arimaa was inspired by the Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov match in which the computer defeated the world chess champion. Arimaa was created to show that humans can still outplay computers using a chess set and provide the next challenge to the AI community."

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